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What Everyone is Rompin’ About


“My dog was triggering my grandkids' allergies with the pollen on her coat. We wipe her down once a week with these and no sneezing, she smells lovely and everyone is happy!”

- Bels, on the grooming wipes


“Greatest grooming brush! I was able to remove snarls from my Shiz-Su in areas I was not able to!”

- Lily Rae, on the dematting brush


"Wow! This exceeded my expectations 100%. I’ve bought overpriced cat harnesses from petco before and they’ve always been a big letdown, but this was perfect! It was a great price and came with a bag, collar and leash, a harness and even paw wipes! My cat absolutely loves it and it fits her perfect (she’s 10 pounds and I ordered a medium). I’ll definitely be purchasing this in the other colors!"

- Rowan, on the cat harness set