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Group-1 Cat Harness Set


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About us

Our Story


We balance aesthetics and practicality.

Romp is a lifestyle pet care brand created for you and your four-legged bestie. We create highly functional and thoughtfully designed pet essentials that balance aesthetics and practicality. Our products consist of everyday pet essentials that not only work well, but are nice to look at, too. 

Being a pet parent is not boring. It's zoomies at 3 a.m, mud stains on the non washable rug and chewed up furniture. It's torn up toilet paper and having to mute yourself mid-Zoom meeting because your dog locked eyes with the Amazon delivery guy. It's looking for hair ties your cat hid under the bed. Pet parenthood is anything but boring. Pet parenthood is Romp.

We create products for the people who respond to their parents' "When will you have kids?" with a picture of their dog and list liking cats as a non-negotiable fun fact on their dating profile. They are people who found companionship in pets and will work their asses off to give them the best life. It's messy. It's loud. It's playful. It's action-packed. It's Romp. 

About our products

Our Core Design Principles


A clean, sleek aesthetic is love.


Looks good AND works well.


Contributing to a circular economy.

Form and Function

At the heart of every product are our fur babies. We design with their needs in mind first, and then we make it look good. We just want everyone to be happy. You're welcome.

Listen and Learn

We are who we are because of your guidance, feedback and support. Let us know how we can help you give your pets the opportunity to live their best lives one product at a time.


We Know You’ll Love These

Group-1 Cat Harness Set


Group-1 Dematting Brush


Group-1 Pet Grooming Wipes